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We guarantee tough built bags. We guarantee your satisfaction in our bags' value, build quality, and lasting durability. We stand by the Northstar Brand.


Northstar duffle bags feature heavy duty poly plastic hardware and high tensile strength webbing to construct a tough, silent, duffel. Duffle design is simple, we make it easy to carry your gear. Guaranteed for life.

Heavy Duty Poly Clasps

Polyethylene plastic hardware was selected for our duffle bag clasps and slides for its proven durability, impact strength, and resilience in harsh conditions. Poly plastic is silent during movement, will never rust, is non-leeching, and is soft to the touch. Best of all polyethylene hardware is light weight.

Detail image of thick tubular webbing straps box stitched to the fabric with an additional layer of fabric backing. Rugged design elements keep this duffel bag working hard, for life. Built tough. Built to last.

Tensile Strength Webbing

Tubular webbing is both lightweight and insanely robust during extended usage. Our simple carry handle design creates a continuous loop of webbing that cradles the duffel bag to maximize carry strength. All stress points are box stitched with double-reinforced fabric backing.

Detail image of the end cap webbing carry handles of the Northstar duffle bags. These carry handles are box stitched into double fabric backing for lasting durability. With four overall carry points, these duffel bags help you carry your gear with ease.

Multiple Carry Points

After a decade of refining Northstar duffels we have arrived with the perfect value. Featuring box stitched webbing handles at each end of the duffle bag, looped webbing midsection handles, and an adjustable detachable webbing shoulder strap. We've chipped away at the marble and found art.

Introducing the classic


Fits Major US Airlines Carry-On Regulations

From the people
From the people
Boy Scouts are tough on gear, and so are airlines! We took 21 Northstar duffel bags stuffed with backpacks and other gear through 4 flights and 6 trips through baggage handling equipment with zero problems... This is a 5 Star product for backpack transport!
— Bill Daniel, from
From the people
Outstanding Value! I am a sailor who goes on long distance ocean voyages (e.g. 1200nm) and I need a good seabag that is big enough to carry all of my gear that is needed for long voyages and from hot weather areas (e.g. Florida) to cold weather areas (e.g. Maine, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland)... Very good value at this price point. I was not disappointed!
— Steadman Uhlich, from
From the people
I bought this to stuff child car seats (carseats) into for our family's airplane vacation trip. It's as big as the description says (so big that I was a little concerned), but I ended up needing every inch to stuff in my kid's three carseats (a Diono Radian carseat for my 3-year-old and two no back boosters for my elementary kids)... Bag held up perfectly during transport and all car seats were kept very safe.
— Brent L., from


"Scout Troop 78 from Boulder, Colorado loves Northstar Bags 1640 duffel bag because it's huge enough to hold all the personal gear our Scouts take into the Rocky Mountains for winter campouts: two sleeping bags, two sleeping pads, tent, wool blanket, extra clothes, and much more. These bags are tough enough to toss into the back of a pickup truck and drive through a snowstorm, keeping gear dry. Nothing makes winter camping easier than a giant duffel bag, and Northstar makes the best we've seen."

-- Dave Trendler, Scoutmaster, Troop 78, Boulder, Colorado

Sunlit field of blossoming flowers decorate this section as an homage to the imporance of's generous purpose of helping people through rough times. Northstar Bags supports CAPSA in protecting victims of domestic violence.
People holding hands in an embrace showing strength and protection.
please take care of each other


Northstar Bags donates to CAPSA - a non-profit domestic violence recovery center serving Cache County and the Bear Lake area. They provide support services for women, men, and children impacted by abuse.